Camel Bone Jewelry Boxes

Putting jewelry or gifts in Camel Bone Jewelry Boxes can multiply the value and beauty of our gifts. Bone Boxes are the symbol of beauty, originality and charm. Iranian artists have shown their creativity and art to the world by making these beautiful handmade jewelry Boxes. Isfahani artists spend hours creating beautiful boxes with camel bones and decorate these boxes with Iranian art. These beautiful boxes are very attractive for placing gifts and jewelry. Due to the special beauty of these Jewelry boxes, demand for these boxes is high. By placing a gift or jewelry in these boxes, you will definitely increase the value of your gifts. In ShopiPersia, we have a collection of the most beautiful handmade Camel Bone Jewelry Boxes. Find a world of beauty and originality in ShopiPersia website. Do not waste your time in other stores, ShopiPersia is the largest handicraft sales website in Iran. We ship worldwide.

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