Persian Pistachio: The Best in the World

Persian Pistachio is the Best and the most luxurious pistachio in the world. Persian Pistachio such as Ahmad Aghaei has a great reputation for world class taste and Is famous to Long Pistachio because of its long size. The taste advantage comes from the higher unsaturated fat content. The longer roast gives them a flavor that is not comparable to any other type of pistachio in the world. Our top quality Persian pistachios have a rich and unique flavor. If you prefer exotic taste and gorgeous look in pistachios, Ahmad Aghaei Long Persian Pistachio is definitely the one you need to pick! They go so perfectly with a glass of Vino and a plate of charcuterie/fancy cheeses. ShopiPersia is the largest website for selling Iranian nuts. Buy the original Persian pistachio from the ShopiPersia website. We ship Worldwide.

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