Buy Persian Setar

Buy Persian (Iranian) Setar Instrument at the best Price in ShopiPersia. Iranian Setar Instrument is a small lute, played with a flat pick. Setar is like a western mandolin but with a longer neck. Setar originally had three strings, however it has changed through time, now it has four strings and its frets vary between 22 to 28. Persian Setar Instrument is played with the index finger’s long nail. When it is strummed, it gives the melody and drone together. Setar has a soft timbre but sometimes it can become loud and vigorous. If you like the mystical sound of Iranian Setar Instrument, we recommend you to check our catalog and pick one & Buy one of our Persian Setar Instrument that we placed for sale through our selection. We ship worldwide, but shipping to Europe, the UK and many other countries is free

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