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Faravahar Jewelry

Jewelry with Faravahar design, which are the symbol of Iran, are very popular among Iranians. Faravahar is one of the spiritual forces that Mazdis believe existed before the creation of beings. Having these jewels is a sign of Iranians’ love and interest in traditions, and the power of Ahura Mazda will always be by your side. Apart from Iranian beliefs, jewelry with Faravahar designs is very beautiful and has been considered by the fashion tradition. These jewels, which are decorated with Iranian designs, are very magnificent and beautiful. In ShopiPersia we have collected all kind of Jewelry with Farvahar design. Jewels that made of high quality stainless steel, tungsten,silver and leather including earrings ,necklaces, pendants & bracelets. Faravahar Necklace is simple yet stylish with strong energy. Buy a beautiful and unique Jewelry and shine among your friends. Farvahar Jewelry is simple yet stylish with strong energy. We Ship Worldwide.

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