Birjand Rugs for Sale

Persian Birjand Rugs & Carpets for Sale at ShopiPersia. Birjand Carpet is one of the most Popular & Beautiful Kinds of Persian carpets that has a world reputation. ShopiPersia is one of the world’s most comprehensive and finest collections of New & Antique Hand Knotted Rugs & Carpets. Our Persian Rugs are unique. Each rug is hand-knotted by skilled craftspeople, so no two are the same. All of our Rugs made of wool or Silk, naturally hardwearing and resistant to dirt. Check out the different styles and sizes to find a piece of textile art for your home. You can buy the original, New or Antique Handmade Persian Birjand carpets with a guarantee from our store. We Ship New & Antique Ardabil Rugs worldwide. Express Shipping is available for Rugs. It takes only 2-3 weeks. Do not waste your time by spending in different stores. We Placed the most beautiful Persian Birjand Rugs & Carpets for Sale with confidence in Price. We ship original Persian Birjand Rugs directly from Iran to you.

  • Persian Hand Knotted Birjand Carpet Rug Mod Model

    Hand Knotted Birjand Persian Carpet Rug Model Mud

    This Hand-Knotted Iranian Carpet which is placed in the Category of Area Rugs, is one of the original Iranian arts that has been woven in Iran, hence using it at home can make the beauty of art appear in your home, the art of Iran. This Rug is completely original in weaving method & material. Carpets are probably the most well-known handmade Rugs from Iran.

    • Dimensions: 150×100 cm / 4.92’x3.28’ft
    • Lint: Wool
    • Construction: Hand-Knotted
    • Shape: Rectangular
    • Pattern: Persian Area Rug
  • Hand Knotted Persian Carpet Model Chabok

    Using this magnificent completely Hand Knotted Persian Carpet , at home can change the interior of home and attract the eyes of any viewer. This Iranian Rug can bring the art Iran to your home with its bright color and stunning pattern.

    • Size: 4.13 m²
    • Dimensions: 216x191x2 cm
    • Lint: Wool

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