Balochi Embroidered Earrings

Embroidered earrings are really beautiful and attractive. Earrings designed by Iranian women and embroidered by hand. Balochi Embroidered earrings with traditional designs sewn by Baluchi Women and are specific to the Baluchistan region of Iran. Handcrafted earrings from Iranian Balochistan. These kinds of Suzani Earrings have received a lot of attention in the fashion and Jewelry industry in recent years, and are difficult to find two of the same. Women’s accessories no longer end up being expensive jewelry. In the fashion world, Balochi earrings have been very popular, and among them, Baluchi needlework has a special place. If you love old tribal jewelry, be sure to visit our collection. In ShopiPersia, you can discover wonderful hand woven Balochi earrings. Shop from a wide range of hand Needlework earrings. Traditional jewelry was made in the same way thousands of years ago. We Ship Worldwide.

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