Baba Faqi and Tchappi Suites by Ostad Elahi

Nur Ali Elahi was an Iranian philosopher, jurist and musician of Kurdish descent whose work investigated the metaphysical dimension of human beings. Elahi was born in Jeyhunabad, a small Kurdish village near the eponymous capital of Kermanshah Province. His father, Hajj Nematollah (1871–1920), was a mystic and poet who was a leader of the Ahl-e Haqq and revered as a saint. From early childhood, he led an ascetic, secluded life of rigorous discipline under his father’s supervision with a special focus on mysticism, music, and ethics. In addition to religious and moral instruction, he received the classical education of the time. During study and contemplation in his youth, he established the basis of his philosophical and spiritual reflections.

  • Tanbur Solo Celestial Dances & Casade (2)

    Celestial Dances & Cascade Music Album by Ostad Elahi

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    This Music Album played by Nurali Elahi and is included the works that performed by Tanbur Instrument. Persian traditional music or Iranian traditional music, also known as Persian classical music refers to the classical music of Iran. It consists of characteristics developed through the country’s classical, medieval, and contemporary eras. It also influenced areas and regions that are considered part of Greater Iran. In this Music Album we can listen to below songs.

    • Baba Faqi and Tchappi Suites by Ostad Elahi
    • Suite De Qara Chupi, Avec Son Introduction Samâ by Ostad Elahi
    • Suite De Samâ by Ostad Elahi
    • Suite de Tchapi by Ostad Elahi

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