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  • High Quality Persian Saffron (Super Negin) 25 Gram

    Badiee Negin & Super Negin Saffron 1 Kg


    Badiee Saffron, which is offered in Negin & Super Negin types, is one of the best saffron available in the market. We Ship this saffron for free all over the world. If you need to pack saffrons in a certain weights, please submit your request to us after registering the order.

    • Approximate weight: 1000 Gram Net. Weight
    • Free Worldwide Shipping
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Form: Whole
    • Type: Negin & Super Negin Saffron
  • Saharkhiz Sargol Persian Saffron 4 Gram

    Saharkhiz Sargol Saffron 4 Gram (2x)


    Buy first-class Sargol saffron with Saharkhiz brand. This package has a beautiful mortar & Pestle. To use it properly and economically, saffron is beaten with sugar and then it is brewed so that its beautiful color comes out and adorns your food.

    • Approximate weight: 4×2 Gram
    • Pack(s): 2
    • Place of production:Iran
    • Form: Whole
    • Type: Sargol Saffron
  • Dried Esphand “Esfand” Seeds 500 Gram

    Eating Syrian Rue Seeds can help lower blood sugar and lipid levels in diabetics. The Seeds are useful for epilepsy, paralysis, insanity, forgetfulness and other neurological diseases. Burning seeds also helps a lot to disinfect the environment. The seeds are thoroughly washed and there is no dust on them.

    • Approximate weight: 500 gram
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Organic: Yes, 100%
    • Drying Method: Sun-Dried
    • Persian Title: اسپند دانه
  • Dried Angelica Seeds “Persian Hogweed” 900 Gram

    Angelica or Golpar “Persian Hogweed” is one of the native aromatic plants of Iran, which in addition to medicinal use is also widely used in cooking. Angelica in traditional medicine has several properties, including: relieving digestive problems, strengthening the body, anti-flatulence, strengthening memory, relieving nervous disorders and etc.

    • Approximate weight: 900 Gram
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Drying Method: Sun-Dried
    • Form: Whole
    • Persian Title: گلپر
  • Coltsfoot Dried Herb “Tussilago farfara” 600 Gram

    Pour 15 to 20 grams of dried Coltsfoot leaves in a cup of boiling water for ten minutes and then strain it. Use this brew hot several times a day to treat persistent cough or lung disease. Brew 20 to 25 grams of dried leaves in a liter of boiling water for ten minutes and then carefully strain. To facilitate the excretion of sputum, heat three cups of decoction a day and drink it.

    • Approximate weight: 600 Gram
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Drying Method: Sun-Dried
    • Form: Crushed
    • Persian Title: گیاه پای خر خشک
  • Dried Persian Saffron Petals, 500 Gram

    Dried Persian Saffron Petals 500 Gram

    Brewed Dried Persian Saffron Petals have properties like red saffron filaments. To prepare saffron petal tea, you can pour some of it in a container and put it on indirect heat for 15 to 20 minutes. This tea is ready to drink after cooling. Consumption of saffron petals in general can improve vision. The properties of the petals also prevent eye diseases. Despite its many antioxidants, it boosts the body’s immune system and slows down the aging process.

    • Approximate weight:500 Gram
    • Type: Dried Petals
    • Drying Method: Sun-Dried
    • Form: Whole
    • Persian Title: گلبرگ زعفران خشک شده
  • Dried Persian Ziziphora, 500 Gram

    Dried Persian Ziziphora Mint 500 Gram

    This bag of Dried Persian Ziziphora Mint, widely used as a spice in foods. Dried and chopped leaves are used as a flavoring in beverages. This plant that grows in the mountains of Iran is an excellent tea. The tea has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that make coconut a useful medicinal plant for the stomach.

    • Approximate weight: 500 Gram
    • Drying Method: Sun-Dried
    • Type: Dried
    • Form: Whole
    • Persian Title: کاکوتی خشک
  • Dried Common Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium)

    Dried Common Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium)

    Wormwood tea is effective in treating nervous diseases and nightmares. This plant should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Put some of the dry flowers and leaves of this plant in water and let it brew. Your tea is ready.

    • Approximate weight: 600 Gram
    • Age Range: Adult
    • Drying Method: Sun-Dried
    • Form: Whole
    • Persian Title: افسنطین خشک شده
  • Dried Poppy Petals 300 Gram

    These Dried Poppy Petals are completely organic and densely nutritious with Low Calorie. An infusion of Poppy Petals and leaves is useful for treating scabies, eczema, itchy spots and freckles. Also, Poppy Petals heals superficial wounds very quickly.

    • 300 Gram
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Drying Method: Sun-Dried
    • Form: Whole
    • Persian Title: گلبرگ خشخاش خشک
  • Dried Bindii, 600 Gram (Organic)

    Dried Bindii Herb “Tribulus terrestris” 600 Gram (Organic)

    Dried Bindii Herb “Tribulus terrestris” strengthens the body, intensively cleanses, positively affects the health of the skin, joints and liver. This wonderful organic blend of herbaceous fragrance and flavour will allow you to make any meal tasty, in absolutely no time at all.

    • Approximate weight: 600 Gram
    • Scientific Name: Tribulus terrestris
    • Drying Method: Sun-Dried
    • Form: Crushed
    • Persian Title: خارخاسک خشک
  • Dried Germander Leaves & Stems 750 Gram

    Germander Leaves & Stems Infusions is useful for blood pressure, expectoration, diabetes, colds, and diarrhea. This plant contains compounds that help calm the nerves and at the same time reduce blood fat levels. Germander should be used for a short period of time, and long-term use of this plant causes poisoning in the kidneys and liver.

    • Approximate weight: 750 Gram
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Drying Method: Sun-Dried
    • Form: Whole
    • Persian Title: کلپوره یا مریم نخودی خشک
  • Licorice Root Powder - 700 Gram

    Licorice Root Powder “Liquorice” 700 Gram

    Licorice root Infusion is composed of good amounts of nutrients, vitamins and nutritious plants. Licorice root has estrogenic properties in women and lends itself as an option for menstrual and fertility concerns, including as a natural remedy for PMS. Licorice is used to flavor some foods and drinks.

    • Approximate weight: 700 Gram
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Drying Method: Sun-Dried
    • Form: Powder
    • Persian Title: پودر ریشه شیرین بیان

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