The Comprehensive Training Software of Santoor Vol 1


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“The Comprehensive Training Software of Santoor” designed in two volumes and are includes: music theory, rhythmology, musical letters (reading notes), dulcimer historian, familiarity with dulcimer percussion, basic basics of learning dulcimer (how to sit and take percussion instruments), percussion exercises outside the dulcimer, familiarity with dulcimer techniques in the form of exercises, performing tonbak accompaniment lessons in the second version and some advanced lessons in the first version, recognizing some terms of Iranian and world music culture, exercises to strengthen the hand along with providing percussion patterns Various, introduction of 7 instruments and 5 Iranian songs in the form of rehearsals, improvisation, presentation of standard pieces from the works of Iranian traditional music teachers, compositions and music of Iranian regions.

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Persian Santoor

The santur, is a hammered dulcimer of Iranian or Mesopotamian origins. Santur for the first time appears in the Moruj al-Zahab, a history book written by Abol Hassan Ali Ibn Hussein Masudi in tenth century. He mentions the santoor when talking about Persian music and its various instruments during the Sassanid Empire. Santur has a trapezoidal shape and made of wood and played by two wooden hammer. It has many strings and the common form which is 9 Kharak has 72 strings.

Dimensions13.5x19.5x1.6 cm
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Language(s)Persian (Farsi)
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PublisherAfra Rayan
Persian Titleنرم‌افزار جامع آموزش سنتور 1
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