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Tasseography; Online Persian Fale Ghaveh with Meaning


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We take the coffee’s fortune for you. Coffee divination can tell you about present and future events because divination is performed by one of the best Iranian fortune tellers. To get the omen, please enter your name and your mother’s name in the boxes below and send us a WhatsApp number or email for coordination. We will take the omen for you and send you the audio file.

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Tasseography – Fale Ghaveh

Tasseography is a divination or fortune-telling method that interprets patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments. The terms derive from the French word tasse, which in turn derives from the Arabic loan-word into French tassa, and the Greek suffixes -graph, -logy, and -mancy. Tasseomancy followed the trade routes of tea and coffee and was practiced by Romani people. Western tasseography can be linked to medieval European fortune tellers who developed their readings from splatters of wax, lead, and other molten substances. Although many people prefer a simple white cup for tea leaf reading, there are also traditions concerning the positional placement of the leaves in the cup, and some find it easier to work with marked cups. Beginning in the late 19th century and continuing to the present, English and American potteries have produced specially decorated cup and saucer sets for the use of tea-leaf readers. Many of these designs are patented and come with instructions explaining their mode of use. Some of the most common were those that were given away with purchases of bulk tea.

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