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Shah Abbasi Iranian Termeh Tablecloth


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Termeh Tablecloth is a combination of tablecloths for decorating your house with Persian ancient art in high quality. Termeh is from the exquisite textile industry of Iran. In Iranian art, it has always been very important to pay attention to the center of design, meaning the totality, integrity, axis of the world, pure existence and the origin of the universe.

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Termeh is a type of Persian (Iranian) handwoven cloth since Safavi era, produced primarily in the Isfahan province. Now the Yazd Termeh is the most beautiful and famous in the world. Yazd is the center of the design, producing and marketing of Termeh. Weaving termeh requires a good wool with long fibers.

In the past, the first step in termeh weaving was preparing its raw materials. So it was very important to be careful while preparing wool, washing and drying it. Weaving termeh needs a good wool which has tall fibres. Usually, the designs of Iranian termeh were the result of the cooperation between two main persons- an expert and a worker. Weaving Termeh was a very careful, sensitive and time-consuming work that a good weaver could produce only 25 to 30 centimetres (1 feet) in a day. The background colours which are used in termeh are mostly jujube red, light red, green, orange and black.

Dimensions85x85 cm
Approximate weight300 Gram
Place of productionYazd
WashabilityBye Hand
Handling time7 Days
Other DetailsHas Liners
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