Sajadeh: Islamic Muslim Prayer Mat Termeh – Brown


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This beautiful and luxurious Sajadah is sewn from Iranian quality Termeh and is suitable for those who are looking for a quality and luxurious Janmaz. The art of Termeh weaving has a history of about four hundred years. This expensive fabric is woven from very fine fibers, which is from the exquisite textile industry of Iran and is woven with a wide variety of designs for various applications. To make Termeh more beautiful and elegant, it is embroidered with Sermeh, which is one of the most prominent and luxurious Iranian embroideries.

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Prayer Mat

Janmaz or Sajjada is a small rug that Muslims spread on the floor of a room or floor and pray on. In the early days of Islam, there was no Sajjada, and at the beginning of its existence, because it was not the tradition of the Prophet, it was fought by many Muslims, and during the Umayyad period, the Sajjada were burned. The main design of the Sajjada is usually the altar. Sajadah or Janmaz are one of the essential tools for people for whom it is important to pray first time. A person who wants to pray to ensure that the place where he prays is clean use Sajadah.

Dimensions100x70 cm
Approximate weight430 Gram
Place of productionYazd
WashabilityBy Hand
Handling time7 Days
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