Moaragh Kari Wooden Mosaic Art Work


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Moaragh Kari in English known as Marquetry and is one of original Iranian arts and crafts. This Moaragh Kari Wooden Mosaic Art Work gives the beauty of Iranian art to your home.

Moaragh Kari – Marquetry

The word “Moaragh” actually means something tidy, the art of making art is the laying of colorful and valuable wood, such as ivory, oysters, and metal, to achieve the desired design. Wood art mosaic (Moaragh Kari)can be one of the most beautiful and finest wood arts and crafts in Iran. The Isfahan art scene in Iran has a special place, the best and most diverse works of the world about this art to the Iranians. In fact, this art is really about making different kinds of different types of different colors and patterns.

Dimensions90×60 cm
Place of productionIsfahan
Handling time7 Days
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