Persian Termeh Tablecloth Model Atlasi (2X)


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If you are looking to buy an Persian Termeh Tablecloth, this beautiful Termeh can be a good choice. The specifications of this Tablecloth are as follows:

  • Dimensions: 42x25x0.5 cm

Persian Termeh Tablecloth

Termeh is one of the original and traditional Persian tablecloths, which is generally woven from silk. In the past, Termeh was a precious fabric woven from very fine fibers and used as a tablecloth. Termeh is woven with a variety of designs in different parts of Iran but Yazd Termeh is very famous for its beauty. For Termeh weaving, high quality silk and wool with long fibers are used. The yarns are dyed with plant dyes and natural synthetic materials. Termeh fabric has a favorable relative strength due to its unique texture, and due to the high density of its wefts is generally more durable than other types of fabrics. Decorate your home decoration in Iranian-Eastern style. tablecloths with their bright silky and beautiful colors will definitely give a special beauty to your home and table. Beauty like the stories of the Thousand and One Nights.
Dimensions42x25x0.5 cm
Approximate weight100 Gram
Handling time7 Days
ApplicationDecorative & Consumable
WashabilityBy hand
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