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Persian Tar IranSaz Model Rooh Afzah


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Tar is one of the main string instruments of Iranian music. The sound of the this string instrument enchants you. Tar String Instrument has a pleasant sound that is always accompanied by Tonbak, a favorite of art lovers and lovers of original Iranian music.

Body: Mulberry
Fingerboard: Horn
Neck: Walnut
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Persian Tar

Tar Meanings string. Persian Tar is also called as “Târ-e Shirâz“, the Tar from Shiraz. Tar is an Iranian long-necked, waisted instrument, shared by many cultures and countries including Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, and others near the Caucasus region. The older and more complete name of the tār is čāhārtār or čārtār, meaning in Persian “four string”. This is in accordance with a practice common in Persian-speaking areas of distinguishing lutes on the basis of the number of strings originally employed. Beside the čārtār, these include the dotār, setār, pančtār, and šaštār or šeštār.

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