Persian Setar Musical Instrument IranSaz Model barg33


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If you are interested in Setar instrument, this instrument “Persian Setar Instrument IranSaz Model barg33” can be a suitable choice. The specifications of this setar are as follows:

  • Maker: IranSaz
  • Soundbox: Walnut wood
  • Neck: Ebony wood
  • Upper Surface of Soundbox: Mulberry Wood

Persian Setar Instrument

Setar is one of the string instruments of Iranian music that is played with the fingernail of the right hand. Setar has 4 strings made of steel and bronze. In Iranian instrumental music, the use of the setar is very common. Persian Setar Previously had three strings but now it has four strings. The Persian setar bowl is usually made of mulberry or walnut wood. Persian Setar Instrument has a delicate sound and has a direct connection with the musician’s nerves and psyche, and therefore the setar is often called the companion of solitary times. Setar Instrument  is one of the most widely used and popular instruments in Iranian original music and many musicians have turned to it. ShopiPersia is the largest sales reference for Iranian musical instruments. We ship worldwide. Experience the joy of online shopping with us.

Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
MakerIranSaz Co.
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