Persian Saz Center Daf Drum Model Molana


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If you are looking for a beautiful, well-sounding Daf Instrument and standard, Daf Saz Center is a great option. This Daf is standard and suitable for men’s and women’s hand physics.
Brand name: Saz Center
Skin material: Artificial Leather

Persian Daf Drum

Daf instrument that commonly known as Persian Daf or Iranian Daf, is a large frame drum from the Middle East. It is commonly used in ArmeniaIran, Turkey, Azerbaijan and also in Greece. It can spell as Daf, Daff, Deff, Duff. The frame is made of wood and covered with a lot of metal rings attached around it. The membrane of a daf is mostly made of animal skin, like a goat, horse, and cow but in modern versions, synthetic materials are also in use.

Dimensions4/4 Standard
Approximate weight650 Gram
Place of productionIran
MaterialArtificial Leather
Handling time7 Days
Suitable forAdults
MakerSaz Center
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