Persian Santur Santoor Dulcimer Mousavi 3 Stamps


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High Quality and Professional Santur. Mousavi’s 3 Stamps Santur is one of the best instruments made in Mousavi’s workshop. In the preparation of this Santur, high quality and dry walnut wood has been used so that the instrument has a long life and has a good sound quality. The holes that are normally present on the Santur plate and are called “flowers” are completely filled in this Santur to prevent moisture from penetrating into the instrument and this dulcimer can be used in cities with humid air .
Body material: Walnut tree wood
Bridge material: Walnut tree wood

Persian Santur Dulcimer

The santur‎, is a hammered dulcimer of Iranian or Mesopotamian origins. The santoor for the first time appears in the Moruj al-Zahab, a history book written by Abol Hassan Ali Ibn Hussein Masudi (tenth century). He mentions the santoor when talking about Persian music and its various instruments during the Sassanid Empire. Also, the santur is mentioned by the famous Persian poet, Manuchehri (eleventh century).

Place of productionIran
MaterialWalnut Wood
Handling time10 Days
Tuning KeyCel
Type9 Bridge Santur
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