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Persian Santur Dulcimer Enayati Model 2020


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This Santur Enayati Model 2020 is made by Enayati manufacturer. A dulcimer with a reasonable price and acceptable quality. Play the Santur beautifully and delight others with its heartfelt voice. The specifications of this Santur are as follows:

  • Bridge material: Walnut wood
  • Pegs material: Steel
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Santur Enayati Model 2020

The Santur has a pleasing sound and fascinates every listener. This instrument is one of the oldest instruments in Iran, which is thousands of years old. This Instrument played with two wooden Mezrab and usually made of walnut wood. Although the Santur made of different woods, the quality of wood has a direct impact on the quality of Sound. Nowadays, Santoor made in different sizes, but the usual Santoor has 12 Kharak. Learning Santoor does not require much time compared to other Iranian instruments, which is one of the reasons why music lovers pay attention to this instrument. ShopiPersia is the biggest online store that selling Iranian instruments. Check out different instruments and experience a pleasant shopping experience. Buy Persian Santur directly from Iran. We ship worldwide.

Note: To buy a Santur, be better acquainted with its maker or ask your teachers which maker is right for your level. At ShopiPersia, we have tried to collect quality Santur. The difference between Santurs depends on the materials used and the quality of their construction.

Place of productionIran
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