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Persian Santoor Santur Dulcimer Model Zhinos


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Body material: Walnut wood
Bridge material: Walnut wood
Pegs material: Steel
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Persian Santur Dulcimer

The santur‎, is a hammered dulcimer of Iranian or Mesopotamian origins.

The santoor for the first time appears in the Moruj al-Zahab, a history book written by Abol Hassan Ali Ibn Hussein Masudi (tenth century). He mentions the santoor when talking about Persian music and its various instruments during the Sassanid Empire. Also, the santur is mentioned by the famous Persian poet, Manuchehri (eleventh century). Although Abdol Qader Maraqe’i (a great Persian Musician of the thirteenth century) in his writings introduces an instrument called the yatufan which is very similar to the santoor, the instrument that today we know as the santur is absent from Persian music history until the nineteenth century.

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