Persian Monabat-Kari Wooden Carved Tableau Model Rose01


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This beautiful Wooden Carved Monabat Kari Tableau shows you and brings you the art of Iran to your home. On this Wooden tableau the shape of Rose Flower carved.

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Wood Carving

Wood carving or in Persian “Monabat Kari” is a branch of wood industry that is considered an artistic technique. It involves carving on wood and a woodcarver is someone who does the carving on the wood. In Iran, woodcarving has several thousand years old and done is different cities but is one of the famous handicrafts of Malayer which elected as woodcarving capital of Iran at 2012. Woodcarving in the past done on the swords, spears and wooden shields of the Medes and Achaemenids armies.

Dimensions38x31x3 Cm
Handling time7 Days
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