Persian Lady Hand Painted Miniature Art


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Painter quotation: This figurative painting is based on Isfahan school and Reza Abbasi method. I have changed the colors and face as my own design. I have also added some Persian patterns as decoration. This figure took me 30 hours.

Persian Miniature Art Painting

Persian miniature is a small Persian painting on paper, whether a book illustration or a separate work of art intended to be kept in an album of such works called a muraqqa. The techniques are broadly comparable to the Western and Byzantine traditions of miniatures in illuminated manuscripts. Although there is an equally well-established Persian tradition of wall-painting, the survival rate and state of preservation of miniatures is better, and miniatures are much the best-known form of Persian painting in the West, and many of the most important examples are in Western, or Turkish, museums. Miniature painting became a significant genre in Persian art in the 13th century, receiving Chinese influence after the Mongol conquests, and the highest point in the tradition was reached in the 15th and 16th centuries. The tradition continued, under some Western influence, after this, and has many modern exponents. The Persian miniature was the dominant influence on other Islamic miniature traditions, principally the Ottoman miniature in Turkey, and the Mughal miniature in the Indian sub-continent.

Dimensions30x45 cm
MaterialGouache & Watercolor on museum board
Handling time7 Days
PainterFarzaneh Ebadifard
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