Persian Khatamkari Chess Game Board Model Ordibehesht


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This Handmade Persian Khatamkari Chess Game Board Model Ordibehesht Is 100% handmade. This Khatamkari chess board is the work of Isfahan Khatamkar artists and has a high artistic value in this regard.

  • 100% Handmade
  • Made in Isfahan
  • Size: 50x50x7 cm

Chess Game Board

Persian chess boards are very famous in the world for their beautiful and unique designs. In Iran, artists decorate chess boards with Khatamkari or Moaragh-kari to create a wonderful work of art. Persian Chess Game Boards are one of the most luxurious products that are mixed with the art of painting & Khatamkari. Khatam kari is one Persian Art, a version of marquetry that decorating the surface of wood with delicate pieces of metal, wood, bone. Experience the pleasure of playing chess with Persian Khatamkari Chess Game Board. Surprise your teammates with our Persian Boards.

Dimensions50x50x7 cm
Approximate weight2000 Gram
Place of productionIsfahan
WashabilityBy hand
ApplicationDecorative & Consumables
Handling time7 Days
Other DetailsKhatamkari is an art created with small triangles or regular polygons. The material of these geometric shapes is various materials such as bone, wood and metals.
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