Persian Khatam Kari Wall Clock Model Rami


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This Iranian Khatam Kari Wall Clock is made by Isfahani artists and decorated and made by hand. If you care about your home decoration, do not use ordinary factory-made clocks. This is a work of art.

  • Dimensions: 4 × 42.5 × 42.5 cm
  • Material: Wood

Khatam Kari Wall Clock

Khatam Kari wall clocks with Khatamkarienameled” and engraving screen are one of the most beautiful manifestations of Iranian art. Iranian Khatam Kari wall clocks can be used every where such as at home, office and even shops. These Clocks are also great for giving as gifts. Using and placing these clocks on the wall of your home or office will give a magnificent effect to your decoration, because these clocks are completely handmade and made by Iranian artists after spending hours. These wall clocks are really magnificent and with their beautiful and various colors, each of them is a unique and artistic work. ShopiPersia is the largest website for selling Iranian handicrafts. You can make a great choice by checking Our Khatam Kari Clocks. Buy an Iranian Khatam Kari Clock & Exprience the joy of Online shopping with us. We ship worldwide.
Dimensions4 × 42.5 × 42.5 cm
Approximate weight2168 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
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