Persian Handwoven Wool Gabbeh Rug Model Sahra

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This Persian Wool Gabbeh Rug is one of the original Iranian arts that has been woven in Iran, hence using it at home can makes the beauty of art appear in your home, the art of Iran. This Wool Gabbeh Rug is completely original in weaving method & martial. Gabbeh are probably the most well-known handmade carpets from Iran.

  • Textures: Handmade
  • Size: 3 m2
  • Material: Wool

Persian Gabbeh

Gabbeh or gabba carpets is one of traditional variety of Persian carpet. Persian Gabbeh rug known as gava in Kurdish and Luri and is also called khersak in Bakhtiari, literally meaning a “bear’s cub”. Gabbeh carpets are much thicker and coarser than other Persian carpets; sometimes they can be as much as one inch or 2.5 cm in depth. In fact, they are more a variety of kilim than carpet. The word “gabbeh” comes from the Persian, meaning raw, natural, uncut. This is a rough and primitive carpet. Persian Gabbeh Rugs are generally woven with natural wool. Despite the tasteful Iranian designers, different designs have been offered for Gabbeh and you can easily buy modern handmade Gabbeh in ShopiPersia. At ShopiPersia, you can Buy Persian Wool Gabbeh Rug with Confidence. We Ship Worldwide.

Size3 m2
DyeingNatural colors
Dimensions2x1.5x0.1 cm
Approximate weight11.4 Kg
Handling time7 Days
WashabilityBy hand
Place of productionFars
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