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Persian Ghormeh Sabzi Stew with Meat (12 Packs)


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Ghormeh Sabzi Stew is a food whose main ingredient is vegetables. Buy Persian Ghormeh Sabzi Stew with Meat online at low prices every day from one of Iranian’s largest Food Store. Premium quality Persian Ghormeh Sabzi Stew with Meat.

Persian Ghormeh Sabzi Stew

Ghormeh sabzi is an Iranian herb stew. It is a very popular dish in Iran. Ghormeh sabzi dates back as far as 5,000 years with an origin of Iran. Being of Iranic descent, Azerbaijanis have also adopted the Iranian dish as a favorite. Ghormeh is derived from Turkic kavurmak into Persian and means “braised,” while sabzi is the Persian word for herbs. The main ingredients are a mixture of sauteed herbs, consisting mainly of parsley, leeks or green onions, and coriander, seasoned with the key spice of dried fenugreek leaves. The herb mixture has many variations. Any dark bitter greens can be used, such as kale, mustard greens, or turnip greens, although none are part of the original recipe.

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