Persian Filigree Silver Tray Dish Round 6


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This Filigree Silver Tray Dish is an example of high quality and widely used tapestry and handicrafts of Iran. Its beautiful appearance and color allow you to set it with other types of dishes. This Tapestry trays made of copper and plated with a layer of silver metal.

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Filigree is a form of intricate metalwork. It may span from delicate jewelry to cast iron railings and balustrades. Malilehkari or Filigree of Isfahan is one of the most beautiful handicrafts of Iran which is fabulous. It is generally made of copper and a coating of silver covers it. According to most scholars, the oldest objects of Iranian tapestry belong to the years 330 to 550 BC.

Dimensions5x37x37 cm
Approximate weight688 Gram
Place of productionIran
WashabilityBy hand
ApplicationDecorative & Consumables
MaterialCopper Covered by Silver
Handling time7 Days
ModelGerd 6
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