Persian Filigree Malileh-Kari Silver Mirror Termeh


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This “Persian Filigree Malileh-Kari Silver Mirror Model Termeh is one of the most beautiful handicrafts of Iran which is fabulous and made by artist of Isfahan. It is made of copper and a coating of silver covers it.

  • Dimensions: 14x3x11 cm
  • Material: Copper Covered by Silver

Persian Filigree Mirror

Use Persian Filigree Mirrors Freshen up the look of your room and expand the space and make it appear brighter. Using of Filigree Mirror in Iranian culture has a long history. Iranians use different arts to decorate the Mirrors. Persian Filigree Mirrors are really beautiful and with beautiful Silver colors, it gives a special beauty to your home. The main raw material of filigree is silver. Persian Filigree is one of the main handicrafts of Isfahan. Iranian Malilehkari or Filigree is one of the decorative items that is produced except Iranian handicrafts and has a dazzling beauty.

Dimensions14x3x11 cm
Approximate weight2 Gram
Place of productionIran
WashabilityBy hand
ApplicationDecorative & Consumables
MaterialCopper Covered by Silver
Handling time7 Days
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