Persian Copper Ring Model Fish


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This beautiful Statement Copper Ring is a great option for Women who want to complete their look beautifully. Be stylish and attractive by choosing jewelry with a beautiful and bright color. Its elegant design makes it suitable for everyday wear and it is adjustable as well. Copper Jewellery reduces the pain and inflammation of osteoarthritis.

  • Metal: Copper
  • Size: Free Size
  • Suitable: Women
  • Place of production: Zanjan, Iran

Persian Copper Ring Model Fish

Copper rings with unique & Iranian designs give you stunning beauty. These jewels with their unique designs that have Iranian roots attract the eye of the viewer. Jewelries that are hard to find similar to them. Copper Jewelries has recently found a lot of fans in the world of fashion. Iranian artists have given life to copper metal by making precious works in the form of jewelry. jewelries that are made with beauty and elegance and show the creativity and skill of Iranian jewelry makers. Jewelries that suit every taste and affordable price, have made these jewelries a choice for everyone. The use of copper jewelry has many properties and benefits for health. Bright colors and various designs, made these jewelry such as this “Persian Copper Ring Model Fish” a suitable gift for your loved ones. ShopiPersia is the largest Iranian website that sells Jewelries with Iranian designs. All of our Jewelries are handmade and beautifully designed and made by Iranian artists. We Ship Worldwide.

Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
Bracelet specifications
Weight20 Gram
Approximate length18-19 cm
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