Nishapur Turquoise Prayer Beeds Model Celine


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This Persian Nishapur Turquoise Islamic Rosary Prayer Beads, It is one of the best gifts for our loved ones, which is both very impressive and a sign of the wealth and soil of our beloved Iran. The diameter of the bead is 4 mm.

Nishapur Turquoise

Turquoise Stone and turquoise gem have many fans in the world and Iranian turquoise stone is one of the best stones. Neishabour turquoise is the best and most expensive type of turquoise stone and is more popular than Kerman and Damghan turquoise. Turquoise is a stone of friendship, peace and tranquility and protects you from negative energies, this stone is very effective for making things easier and business prosperity. Blue color of Turquoise is a sign of originality and aristocracy, therefore this stone is completely famous and known all over the world.

Dimensions60 cm
Approximate weight30 Gram
Place of productionIran
Stone TypeOriginal Turquoise of Neishabour
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