Misbaha Islamic Prayer Beads – Firoozeh Selin


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This rosary is one of the most beautiful models among the rosaries on the market. In addition to dhikr, the rosary is also used as a pendant. The beeds of this beautiful rosary are made of Firoozeh Selin. The diameter of the bead is 6  mm.

Islamic Rosary

Tasbih is a kind of prayer beads consisting of a set of stone, clay, oyster, bone, wood, polymer, plastic and other beads that are strung to keep the number of prayers, dhikrs and words. In ancient times, the number of rosary beads was one hundred or less and more, and a rosaries with a thousand beads was also called “thousand-bead rosary”. The rosary is made by shaving and shaping various materials. These include amber, turquoise, agate, and khamahan stones, as well as baked flowers that are sometimes glazed like persimmon. Also, some rosaries are made of hardwood and dark wood by carving and crocheting wood.

Dimensions40 cm
Approximate weight30 Gram
Place of productionIran
MaterialFiroozeh Selin
Handling time7 Days
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