Islamic Salavat Ceramic Tile Tableau


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Iranian Ceramic Tile is one of the original arts of Iran, which still retains the beauty and freshness of its past and the most beautiful and oldest of which are the turquoise tiles of Isfahan. This product is made by Isfahan artists.

  • 17×17 cm
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Iranian Ceramic Tile

Traditional Iranian Ceramic Tile designs are taken from the original Iranian art and a combination of tradition and modernity that has given it a special effect. Over the centuries Persian Ceramic Tiles have been used to decorate palaces, mosques, monuments, mausoleums, official buildings, schools, and shops. The beautiful art of tiling is one of the handicrafts and ancient arts of Iran. The most beautiful and oldest of Ceramic Tiles are the turquoise tiles of Isfahan. Traditional Persian Tile is one of the most beautiful and superior examples of this ancient industry and art in the country, which is used today in interior decoration of houses and even beautification of urban spaces. Hanging an Iranian tile on the wall can be a great choice if you care about interior decoration and want to make some space artistic. ShopiPersia is the largest handicraft sales website in Iran. We ship worldwide. A website full of beautiful handicrafts mixed with Iranian art. Totally handmade

Dimensions17x17 cm
Approximate weight464 Gram
Place of productionIran
WashabilityBy hand
Handling time7 Days
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