Handmade Persian Sirjan Wool Kilim 100958


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Kilim of Sirjan is one the most famous kilims in Iran that has many fans inside and outside Iran. These Kilims mostly woven by nomadic tribes of Iran and using them at home can change the interior of home. Persian Kilims can bring the art Iran to your home with their bright color and stunning pattern.

Persian Kilim

A kilim is a flat tapestry-woven Carpet or Rug that traditionally produced in Iran. Kilims Hand-knotted and woven with animals wool by nomadic women and dying with natural vegetables based colors by nomadic tribes that have their own design. The patterns of Kilim reflect the History and the art of Iran. One of the most famous Kilims in Iran, woven in Sirjan city in the Kerman Province. The Village Darestan that located near to Sirjan known as the world’s Kilim village and there is a Rugs Museum and Kilim weaving workshops in this village. In 2017 the City of Sirjan was successful in obtaining the designation World Craft City for Persian Kilims weaving.

Size 0.5 m²
Dyeing Natural colors
Dimensions 32×32 cm
Approximate weight 1 Kg
Lint Wool
Handling time 7 Days
Application Decorative & Consumables
Washability Yes
Place of production Sirjan
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