Hand-Knotted Iranian Carpet Rug Model Modern


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This Hand-Knotted Iranian Carpet which is placed in the Category of Area Rugs, is one of the original Iranian arts that has been woven in Iran, hence using it at home can make the beauty of art appear in your home, the art of Iran. This Rug is completely original in weaving method & material. Carpets are probably the most well-known handmade Rugs from Iran.

  • Dimensions: 145×110 cm / 4.75’x3.60’ft
  • Lint: Wool
  • Construction: Hand-Knotted
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Pattern: Persian Area Rug

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Iranian Carpet Rug Model Modern

Iranian Hand-Knotted Carpets are one of the most luxurious accessories that can be used in home decoration design. There is no one who is not familiar with Iranian Rugs & Carpets and their value and beauty. In modern decorations, the use of hand-Knotted Iranian Rugs has become very popular. Iranian Rugs are completely unique and their artistic value increased over time. Most of these Rugs woven by nomadic tribes and represent the tradition and reflect the art and history of Iran. Due to the great popularity and value of Iranian Rugs, many are looking to buy them. Our Iranian Rugs have different designs that suit every taste. This “Iranian Carpet Rug Model Modern” with its beautiful pattern is a special work of art. A work derived from Original Iranian art. In ShopiPersia, We have collected the most beautiful works of art in the form of Rugs & Carpets. Buy with confidence & directly from Iran. We Ship Worldwide.

Size1.59 m²
DyeingNatural colors
Dimensions145x110 cm / 4.75’x3.60’ft
Approximate weight5 Kg
Handling time7 Days
Place of productionGorgan
Tissue density at each 7 cm45
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