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Haj Abdollah Mixed Morsel Cotton Candy 300 Gram (5x)


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This Box of Haj Abdollah Mixed Morsel Cotton Candy is one of the most delicious and popular sweets. Complete the sweet moments by Iranian cotton candy floss. A delicious dessert with a unique taste. Try it with tea or coffee, it’s amazing.

  • 0x5 Gram
  • Pack(s): 5 Packs
  • Form: Morsel
  • Flavor: Mixed, Cocoa, Saffron & Vanilla
  • Persian Title: پشمک حاج عبدالله

Haj Abdollah Morsel Cotton Candy

Haj Abdollah Mixed flavored Morsel Cotton Candy is a Iranian sweet “Pashmak” with the taste of Saffron, Vanila & Cocoa that produced by Haj Abdollah Food Industries. Pashmak is a form of candy floss or cotton candy, made from sugar. This sweet can be served alone or as a dessert with fruits, cakes or ice cream. It is sometimes garnished with ground pistachio nuts. This type of Cotton Candy is different from the Cotton Candies that are sold in the Amusement Park. The history of Pashmak in Iran is not known exactly, but in the poems of abwashaq ateimah Shirazi, a poet of the ninth century AH, Pashmak is mentioned, which is clear that this sweet has been among Iranian sweets for about six hundred years. Haj Abdollah Food Industries, active in the field of cotton candy production since 1951. In ShopiPersia, you can order all kinds of Iranian cotton Candies directly from Iran. We ship worldwide.

Dimensions7×4×8 cm
Approximate weight300x5 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
TypeSaffron, Vanilla & Cocoa
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