Dombaz Iranian Piarom Dates 2000 Gram (High Quality)


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Piarom Dates

The Piarom date is A large, thin skin, black-brown date that is widely considered the most delicious of all semi-dry date varieties. Most Piarom dates are produced in the vicinity of Hajjiabad, Hormozgan in southern Iran. Pyaram cultivar is a commercial and first class type which is considered as a special export cultivar due to its suitable quality and marketability. This product has been able to attract the attention of global markets so far. The thin skin of this date is dark brown and due to the fact that its flesh and skin are completely attached to each other, it has a beautiful and desirable appearance and its washing process is complete. Due to the fact that most of the sugar in it is fructose, it is easily and quickly used in the body’s metabolism, and those who have consumed this date once, due to its very good taste, good appearance and other nutritional properties, are usually consumed. These dates become permanent.

Approximate weight1000x2 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
TypeDried & Snacks
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