Persian Calligraphy Velvet Tablecloth Model Siahghalam


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Experience the exquisite fusion of luxury and art with our Velvet Tablecloth adorned with a stunning Persian Calligraphy pattern. Crafted with sumptuous velvet, this tablecloth is an ode to the elegance and cultural depth of Persian heritage. Each stroke on this tablecloth tells a story, showcasing the timeless allure and artistic mastery of Persian calligraphy, creating an ambiance that seamlessly blends opulence with cultural richness. Enrich your dining space with the allure of Persian culture elegantly displayed on our Velvet Tablecloth. The Persian Calligraphy pattern, meticulously imprinted on luxurious velvet, invites you to explore the artistic legacy of Persia. This tablecloth serves as a captivating centerpiece, where the fusion of sumptuous fabric and the poetic charm of Persian calligraphy creates an atmosphere of refined cultural beauty. Perfect for those who appreciate the artistic heritage of calligraphy and seek to infuse their dining area with a touch of sophistication, this tablecloth transforms every meal into a moment of cultural appreciation and aesthetic delight.

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Velvet Fabric
  • Country of origin: Iran
  • Pattern: Calligraphy
  • Shape: Hexagonal and Octagonal
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Calligraphy Velvet Tablecloth Model Siahghalam

Envision opulence and cultural richness brought to life on your dining table with our luxurious Velvet Tablecloths adorned with captivating Persian Calligraphy print art. Crafted to exude elegance, each tablecloth is a testament to the fusion of sumptuous velvet and the profound beauty of Persian calligraphy. This fusion of textures creates an exquisite tactile and visual experience, where the softness of velvet meets the sophistication of Persian art. This collection of tablecloths embodies the harmonious marriage between tradition and modernity, where the delicate strokes of calligraphic artistry harmonize with the lushness of velvet. The intricately designed prints display the fluidity and grace of Persian calligraphy, each motif carefully curated to evoke a sense of poetic rhythm and aesthetic beauty. These tablecloths are perfect for those who appreciate the melding of history, art, and comfort in their living spaces. The thematic display of calligraphic motifs on sumptuous velvet creates a mesmerizing ambiance, transforming your table into a canvas of cultural elegance. Whether for formal dinners or casual gatherings, these tablecloths provide a striking conversation piece, inviting guests to admire the mesmerizing beauty of Persian calligraphy while reveling in the plush comfort of velvet. Ideal for those with a taste for the sophisticated and an appreciation for the artistic heritage of Persia, these tablecloths infuse every meal with an air of refined cultural allure.

Dimensions Variable
Country of origin Iran
Washability Yes
Application Decorative & Consumables
Material Velvet Fabric
Handling time 10 Days
Color Black
Style Modern
Product Type Tablecloth
Pattern Calligraphy
Shape Hexagonal - Octagonal
Returns Eligible for Return
Care Instructions Washable by hand and machine - temperature 30 degrees - with low enzyme powder or liquid
Recommended Uses Home - Table
Room Type Any Room, Dining Room, Living Room
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