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A samovar is a commodity that has found its place in homes since it arrived in Iran. This product was initially used for brewing coffee but during the Qajar period the first Iranian Samovar were produced and due to the fact that most people drank tea, it was used to brew tea.

During the Safavid period, coffee was first imported to Iran as a beverage, and during the reign of Shah Abbas I, its consumption became common in the court and to receive guests, and Pantries were established for this purpose. At the same time, several coffee houses were established in most of the big cities of Iran, which were places of entertainment and meeting places for poets, artists and people. Over time, the coffee house became one of the most prestigious trade union, and coffee-man became one of the official and well-known occupations in the society. Most of these centers were run by who were considered heroes, lotians, gentlemen, trustees or elders of the neighborhood.

In the beginning, samovars were used to make coffee, but later, when tea arrived in Iran, it was also used to make tea. The first Russian-made samovar was built in Tula in 1820, later known as the Russian samovar production center, and by 1900 there were forty samovar factories operating there.

The samovar entered Iran for the first time during the reign of Shahrokh Nader Shah Afshar, and until the end of Amir Kabir’s presidency, when he encouraged Iranian craftsmen to make samovars, this device was an imported commodity.

Towards the end of the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, when tea drinking became common, the samovar industry flourished in towns and villages and among the nomads, and the samovar makers that first made writing tools, after which various samovars and related items such as cups or basins and pitchers They were building.

Samovar is one of the old appliances that is essential in every kitchen. Samovars are used to prepare coffee and tea. Samovars are available in various types of electric, charcoal, Oil, Gas, etc.

  • Samovars whose body material is made of brass also purify water when boiling, but unfortunately these samovars have a short shelf life and low status.
  • Steel samovars have a longer lifespan and are more durable than other samovars.
  • When buying a samovar, it is better to choose a model that has wooden handles on the door, because the samovar produces a lot of water vapor, and if it is not a wooden handle, your hands may burn.
  • It is better to buy a samovar that has a high thickness because it increases its strength and longevity.

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