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Namad or felt is a traditional weaving of underlayment that is produced with wool. In France it is called footer. To prepare the felt, weaving is not done, but by creating pressure, moisture and heat, they cause the wool fibers to disintegrate. The dual properties of curling and scaling of wool allow the production of felt.

The wool used to produce felt is spring wool with long fibers. Soap and egg yolk can also be used to improve the quality of work. The amount of wool required per square meter of felt is equal to the amount of wool needed to produce the rug, but because the time to produce the felt is much shorter (about a day), its price is low. Felt is common in the provinces of Kermanshah, Mazandaran, Khorasan, Semnan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari and. Types of felt products include felt pads, felt hats, felt coats.

Traditional felt patterns are soothing and affect the body and watching its role makes a person feel good. When you sleep on the felt, the heat from your body’s contact with the felt intensifies, so the blood circulation is smooth and any cramping of the Ratskin muscles is relieved. Felt affects the positive and negative electric charges of the body and keeps them normal. Felt has anti-radiation properties, and with gold detectors, the gold inside the felt bag cannot be found. Due to the absorption of felt moisture, the sole of the shoe or felt shoes prevents sweat and bad foot odor.

Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari is the most important province producing felt in Iran and Shahrekord, the capital of this province, has a historical history in producing Felt.

Felt is a very old industry that does not know the exact date and place of its origin, but the oldest sample of Felt in Pazyryk belong to Achaemenid Iran.

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