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Are you looking for Persian (Farsi) books ??? Are you looking for a Persian Bookstore  or Online Iranian Bookstore ??? ShopiPersia is the Biggest Online source for Persian Books such as Masnavi Poem Book, Hafez Poem Books, Saadi Poem Books, Bustan & Gulistan Poem Books, Attar of Nishapur Poem Books, Nima Yushij Poem Books, Simin Daneshvar Poem books, etc.

Think about the last good book you read. Did it make you feel more connected to others? Maybe it served as a welcome escape. Maybe it helped you rediscover the beauty in life. Did it surprise you? As an independent bookstore, we strive to offer the same variety and richness of experience as the books on our shelves. And because the only people we’re beholden to are our customers and ourselves, we can focus on what really matters — promoting diverse perspectives, upholding the free exchange of ideas, championing the enduring power of books, and bolstering the great community of readers and authors we’re lucky to be a part of.

ShopiPersia is the biggest Online Persian Bookstore and we are at ShopiPersia with a large collection of Persian books with more than 2000 titles in the fields Fiction, Literature, Novel, Poetry, Dictionary, Educational, Grammar, Scientific, Art, Biography, Historical, Religious, etc have tried to meet all your needs. One of the basic needs of Iranians abroad is access to Persian language educational books, so our collection has tried to meet your needs by collecting educational books and CDs.

Are you looking for a special book ???

As a Persian Bookstore or Farsi Bookstore One of the goals is to meet all your needs, Therefore, if you are looking for a special book that is not available in our collection, we are proud to send us the title and specifications of the book so that we can prepare it for you.

ShopiPersia is the biggest Online Persian Bookstore, we offer FREE SHIPPING to UK & Europe and economy Shipping to USA, Canada and other countries. 

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