Mojtaba Asgari

Mojtaba Asgari is a singer and teacher of original and traditional Iranian music. He was born on August 19, 1978 in Isfahan and was a student of Reza Tabatabai, Hossein Omumi and Mohammad Reza Shajarian. At the age of 15, Mojtaba Asgari began singing at the Isfahan Conservatory of Music with Qasem Memarzadeh. In ShopiPersia, We have a collection of Iranian songs, music and albums. An attractive and unique collection. Get to know Iranian music from a special perspective. Music that has a long history and is well known in the world of art. Apart from the singer’s voice, Iranian music is played with its instruments, and generally every musician is skilled in playing one or more instruments. The highly melodic nature of Persian music facilitates expressiveness. We Ship Worldwide.

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