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Minakari or Enamelling is an art that has a history of about five thousand years and is considered a handicraft. Today, this art is mostly done on copper, but it can also be done on gold, silver, and pottery. In the first article we talked about Persian (Iranian) MinaKari, but in this article we want to explain more about this art.

Professor Pope Wrote in his book “Siri in Iranian Art” about Iranian Minakari: “Minakari is the brilliant art of fire and soil with baked and bright colors.” The art of Minakari painting reached its peak in the Safavid period in Iran and continues to this day. The history of Minakari in Iran dates back to the Parthian and Sassanid eras, but its use from the beginning of Islam until before the Mongol patriarchy is not clear to us. In fact, this art may not be Iranian, but since it has evolved in Iran, it has become completely Iranian and today it is known in the eyes of the world as Iranian artists.

According to research, the history of Minakari back to ancient Rome. Because a part of the statue of Zeus is reported to be Minakari, it is one of the Seven Wonders and dates back to 450 BC.

Gold is the only metal that does not oxidize when enamel (Mina) melts, so it makes it possible to execute a design with as much detail and resemblance as possible on Minakari, while copper and silver enamels do not have this quality.

Today in Iran, the center of Minakari production is the city of Isfahan and prominent masters are engaged in the production of Minakari works. The prevalence of Minakari industry in Isfahan dates back to the Pahlavi era and around 1310 AD and has been developed during the last thirty years by the master artist Mr. Shokrallah Sanizadeh. Today in Iran Isfahan is the center of production of Minakari  dishes and Ahvaz is the center of Minakari jewellery and prominent masters are engaged in the production of Minakari works.

Minakari design with using different colors. The paints used for Minakari design are often refractory and made of metal oxide powder. In Iran, Minakari plates mostly designed with traditional designs such as paintings, flowers and birds, and so on.

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