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Iranian handicrafts and decorative tools are famous and using them In interior design, bring beauty to the houses. Iranian home decoration has unique features that distinguish it from other houses in the world. Iranian home decoration tends to be more classic and traditional and at the same time beautiful, they show a luxurious and magnificent effect.

The first and most important element in designing the decoration of Iranian houses is the Iranian carpet and for a long time were one of the powerful cultural symbols of the people of Iran and almost an integral part of the decoration of any home in Iran are carpets and rugs. Carpet has been one of the main signs of recognizing Iranian art and culture among the people of other countries. After carpets, traditional and classic style furniture is also one of the tools that most Iranian houses use in the reception area. The combination of items such as royal or classic Iranian furniture along with beautiful carpets can be the same pure and unique Iranian home decoration that every creative and ideological designer has in mind.

In addition to this beautiful decoration, “proper lighting” and the use of appropriate decorative accessories, far from being excessive, should also be considered. The use of Iranian furniture that is combined with Iranian art, along with Persian carpets and furniture, makes your home decoration more and more beautiful and gives it an Iranian or oriental atmosphere.

But if you don’t want or it is not possible for you to make your house decoration completely oriental or Iranian, but you are an art aficionado who is looking to carry a piece of Iran with you, what better way than decorating your home with indigenous artifacts? If you are working on a small budget and do not want to spend a lot on shipping the goods home here are some ideas to help you incorporate Persian art in to your home décor.

Persian tiles in yellow, turquoise, blue and white are a distinct feature of most buildings and structures in Iran. Tile making in Iran is centuries old and has undergone a number of changes in terms of technology and design.

Iranian blue and gray pottery is another ancient Iranian art that can give a special beauty to your home decoration. For a splash of color in your living room choose from pottery in buff, gray and red (traditional colors) with painted patterns in red or black depicting animals, plants, people and angular designs.

Miniature Paintings depicting poems, stories and popular writings have traditionally decorated the pages of many Persian books. Patronized by Persian rulers miniatures have been a popular style of painting in Iran. For those who want a beautiful work of art, investing in a miniature is definitely one way of bringing home the color and beauty of ancient Persia.

Woven wall hangings Rugs and traditionally spun and dyed sheets and cushion covers are some more light weight and inexpensive options that you could consider. Choose from traditional and contemporary designs to decorate your home.

Decorative metal works from Iran add that glow to your living room or corridor. Plates, buckets, candlesticks, chairs and lights in tin-tempered copper and engraved brass embossed with birds and animals are some options you can choose from.

Termeh is a delicate and precious fabric with traditional patterns or textures made of high quality natural or synthetic wool and silk, which is usually used as a tablecloth in Iranian homes. It can be a good option for table decoration.

Minakari or Enameling is one of the most glorious Iranian handicrafts. It is the art of painting and designing the surface of metals such as gold, silver, and copper by glazing colors and fire in the furnace (Sometimes, it is done upon the glass or ceramics too). According to the orientalist scholar Arthur Pope, Minakari dates back to 1500 B.C. Its practice on metal appeared during 600-400 B.C. The use of Minakari blue dishes on the wall or table brings the glory of Iranian art to your home.

Persian samovar is a great choice to complete the decoration of your home or kitchen. Charcoal engraved samovars are the best choice.

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