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  • Dried Ginger Cubes, 900 Gram

    Dried Ground Ginger Cubes 800 Gram

    This Bag of Dried Ground Ginger Cubes  is a popular ingredient used as a seasoning and is even used for its health benefits. It is added with other dried spices in curry powders and seasonings or for baking like in gingerbread men etc.

    • Approximate weight: 800 Gram
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Form: Cubed
    • Drying Method: Dehydrated
    • Persian Title: زنجبیل خشک
  • Dried Green Pomelo Cubes 900 Grams

    Dried Green Pomelo Cubes 900 Grams

    These Dried Green Pomelo Cubes are one of the most delicious dried fruits. These dried fruits have a unique texture that has a delicious taste. Our Dried fruits are very enchanting and will fascinate you. Discover a world of new flavors and tastes.

    • Approximate weight: 900 Gram
    • Type: Dried Fruits
    • Form: Cubed
    • Sugar Content: No Added Sugar
    • Persian Title: پوملو خشک
  • Dried Mixed Tropical Fruits (Cube, High Quality)

    Mixed Dried Tropical Fruits Cubes 900 Gram

    This bag of Mixed Dried tropical Fruits is one of the most unique Iranian snacks that is a delicious product not only among children but also for adults that people love. The sweet taste of tropical fruits has made it one of the most popular snacks.

    • Approximate weight: 900 Gram
    • Type: Dried Mixed Fruits
    • Taste: Sweet
    • Sugar Content: No Added Sugar
    • Persian Title: مخلوط میوه های استوایی

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