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Islamic Taweez are among the Quranic Du’a that are always with Muslims. The defenition of a Taweez is simply ‘a written Du’a,’ which is from the Qur’an or Ahadith. These Dua protect the Muslims and have have many blessings. Many Du’a have been recited in Islam, and thanks to these Du’a, God will remove the troubles from the Muslim life. ShopiPersia is the largest Islamic website where you can check and buy all kinds of prayers. We have collected a collection of the most famous Sunni and Shiite Du’a. Arabic and Islamic talismans and amulets for different cases. Islamic Taweez rings and necklaces. Islamic Calligraphy Necklaces, with prayers and invoking the 99 Beautiful Names and Attributes of Allah. One of the most recommended Islamic Taweez in Islam is Ayatollah Al-Kursi. We have collected these Du’a in the form of rings, necklaces, etc. to make it easy to carry. We Ship Worldwide.

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