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Persian Spices & Seasonings with their strong and wonderful flavors are a new world in cooking. These Condiments have long had a special place on Persian food tables to flavor them. Persian Condiments with their various aromas and colors and their various medicinal properties have been the best seasoning for flavoring food. The aroma and flavor of Persian spices, along with their amazing properties and benefits, have made them world famous. Iranians have a wide range of Condiments and have a special spice for almost every food. Add some Persian Condiments to your food or dessert to surprise everyone. Do not forget to test the Persian Seasonings. In ShopiPersia, we have collected almost all Persian Seasonings. Our Iranian Dizi Seasonings are really tasty and fragrant. You do not need to travel to Iran to order Iranian spices. ShopiPersia is the largest Iranian website where you can find everything you need.

  • Nutmeg Powder Seasoning, 750 Gram

    Nutmeg Hindi Powder Spice 750 Gram

    Buy Nutmeg Hindi Powder online at low prices every day from one of Iranian’s largest Herbal Store. Premium quality Nutmeg Hindi Powder.

    • 750 Gram
    • Type: Powder
  • High Quality Persian Saffron (Super Negin) 25 Gram

    Badiee Negin & Super Negin Saffron 1 Kg


    Badiee Saffron, which is offered in Negin & Super Negin types, is one of the best saffron available in the market. We Ship this saffron for free all over the world. If you need to pack saffrons in a certain weights, please submit your request to us after registering the order.

    • Approximate weight: 1000 Gram Net. Weight
    • Free Worldwide Shipping
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Type: Negin & Super Negin Saffron
  • Sumac Spice Powder (Brown)

    Sumac Spice Powder 900 Gram (Brown)

    Buy Brown Sumac Spice Powder online at low prices every day from one of Iranian’s largest Spices & Seasonings Store. Make a delicious Iranian style kebab with Iranian spices.

    • Approximate weight: 900 Gram
  • Dried Persian Lime Powder "Limoo Amani"

    Dried Persian Lime Powder “Limoo Amani”

    Persian Lime Powder is used to flavor foods, especially meat and chicken. A great and unique taste. Add some Limoo Amani Powder to your kabab to have a sour and fragrant barbecue.

    • 600 Gram
    • Type: Powder
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Persian Title: پودر لیمو خشک – لیمو عمانی
  • Black Garlic Powder Seasoning, 750 Gram

    Black Garlic Powder Seasoning 750 Gram

    Buy Black garlic Seasoning powder with a unique aroma and flavor from ShopiPersia. Experience the pleasure of cooking with our spices. Buy a special seasoning and surprise your friends.

  • Liver Spice Seasoning, 750 Gram

    Liver Spice Seasoning 750 Gram


    Liver Spice Seasoning is a amazing spice. You will definitely not find it anywhere else. Enjoy a great liver meal with your friends with a unique taste.

    • 750 Gram
  • Dried Garlic, 1 kg

    Dried Whole Garlic Granules 1 kg

    Garlic” is one of the most useful and widely used spices in cooking. Iranian garlic is very famous for its high quality. Buy garlic directly from Iran.

    • Approximate weight: 1000 Gram
  • Saharkhiz Sargol Persian Saffron 4 Gram

    Saharkhiz Sargol Saffron 4 Gram (2x)


    Buy first-class Sargol saffron with Saharkhiz brand. This package has a beautiful mortar & Pestle. To use it properly and economically, saffron is beaten with sugar and then it is brewed so that its beautiful color comes out and adorns your food.

    • Approximate weight: 4×2 Gram
    • Pack(s): 2
    • Place of production:Iran
    • Type: Sargol Saffron
  • Gheimeh Spice Seasoning, 750 Gram

    Kabab koobideh Spice Seasoning 700 Gram

    By using this special Kabab koobideh Spice, you can create a unique aroma and taste. Invite your friends to a wonderful dinner and surprise them. In addition to adding an attractive taste to the kebab, this spice eliminates the smell of meat and its fat.

    • Approximate weight: 700 Gram
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Suitable: Kabab koobideh
    • Persian Title: ادویه کباب کوبیده
  • Golestan Iranian Sargol Saffron - 4.6 Gram (2x)

    Golestan Iranian Sargol Saffron 4.6 Gram (2x)

    Buy first-class Sargol saffron with Golestan brand. Experience cooking with Iranian saffron. A unique taste that you will fall in love with. Also, invite your friends to a pleasant drink by brewing tea with saffron.

    • Approximate weight: 4.6×2 Gram
    • Pack(s): 2
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Type: Sargol Saffron
  • Abgoosht Spice Seasoning, 750 Gram

    Abgoosht “Dizi” Spices Seasoning 750 Gram

    Buy “Abgoosht “Dizi” Spices Seasoning 750 Gram” online at low prices every day from one of Iranian’s largest Grocery Store. Premium quality Dizi Spices Seasoning.

    • Approximate weight: 750 Gram
  • Celery Powder Seasoning, 750 Gram

    Organic Celery Powder, 750 Gram


    Celery is a crunchy plant that is famous for its low calorie content. But in addition to being a diet food, it has many other benefits.

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