Sajadah or Janamaz is a kind of Prayer Mat or Rug used by Muslims or Christians during prayers. Muslims spread a Prayer mat or rug on the ground and pray. Islamic Sajadah are unique and generally have a Mihrab design. Among the different types of Sajadah, Persian models are world-famous. Iran, which is one of the leading countries in art, has been very successful in the field of Janamaz production. Persian Sajadah or Janamaz are produced in two models, Mat and Rug. The most expensive models of Janamaz are Persian Prayer Rugs that are woven entirely by hand. Termeh Prayer mats, which are made of silk, have a special beauty and similar to them can hardly be found. We have collected all kinds of Prayer Mats & Rugs in ShopiPersia. You will find any model you want in our collection. We Ship Worldwide.

  • Second Hand Sirjan Hand Knotted Rug

    Using this magnificent completely Hand Knotted Second Hand Sirjan Rug, at home can change the interior of home and attract the eyes of any viewer. This Iranian Rug can bring the art Iran to your home with its bright color and stunning pattern.

    • Size: 2.27 m²
    • Dimensions: 197x115x1 cm
    • Lint: Wool
    • Condition: Used, Second Hand

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