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Islamic accessories are a part of every Muslim’s life. At ShopiPersia, we have collected various types of Islamic religious supplies for Muslims. As an Online Store, you can check and buy all kinds of Turbah, Sajadeh and Taweezs that are for Muslims. Finding an Islamic online store is pleasant for all Muslims. Especially a store where you can buy both Islamic and non-Islamic goods. Having Islamic Taweezs during worship is highly recommended. We have compiled a unique collection of Taweezs. If you are a Shia, you can buy all the equipment needed for your religious ceremonies in ShopiPersia. If you are a Shiite and you are looking for a Shia store, our store is located in Iran, a Muslim country. As the Biggest online Islamic Store You will find everything you need in our store. All Islamic supplies for Shia and Sunnis. Our store is a comprehensive store for Shia and Sunnis. We ship worldwide.

  • Iranian Handwoven Carpet Rug Model Arka

    Handwoven Iranian Carpet Rug Model Arka

    This Hand-Knotted Iranian Carpet which is placed in the Category of Area Rugs, is one of the original Iranian arts that has been woven in Iran, hence using it at home can make the beauty of art appear in your home, the art of Iran. This Rug is completely original in weaving method & material. Carpets are probably the most well-known handmade Rugs from Iran.

    • Dimensions: 96×70 cm / 3.14’x2.29’ft
    • Lint: Wool
    • Construction: Hand-Knotted
    • Shape: Rectangular
    • Pattern: Persian Area Rug

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