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A collection of more than 7000+ Islamic Style Products for Muslims. An attractive collection of the best

The Most Beautiful Islamic Costumes & Jewels

Create an attractive style for yourself with Islamic Costumes & Jewels. They fits the modern and beautiful fashion that attracts the eyes of every viewer

Islamic Scarves | ShopiPersia
Women's Scarves
Islamic Shawl | ShopiPersia
Women's Shawl
Islamic Chador | ShopiPersia
Women's Chador

The Most Beautiful Islamic Wall Rugs

Decorating your wall with an attractive Hand-Knotted Islamic Rug reminds you of something special every time you look at it. Experience beautiful moments

Hand-Knotted & Machine Made Wall Rugs

Choose from our wide range of luxury Islamic Wall Rugs. They are beautifully decorated with Quranic verses and authentic Iranian art to create a luxury product. Wall Rugs that are worthy of a Muslim and have high artistic value.

Islamic Wall Rug | ShopiPersia
Islamic Wall Rug | ShopiPersia
Islamic Wall Rug | ShopiPersia
Islamic Decorative Plates | ShopiPersia
Decorative Islamic Plates
Islamic Car Hanging | ShopiPersia
Islamic Car Hanging
Islamic Salt Lamp | ShopiPersia
Islamic Salt Lamps

See the Islamic art in Iranian tiles

Online Islamic Store

Islam is a lifestyle and Muslims are proud of this lifestyle. Islam is the religion of more than 1 billion people. This celestial religion, like other religions, has its own principles and rules. Principles that affect all aspects of Muslim life. As an Islamic online store, we at ShopiPersia have tried to gather all the needs of Muslims. The need for Islamic books or halal foods and even religious accessories that are needed for religious ceremonies. Our store is located in Iran, a Muslim country. A diverse and rare collection that you will be surprised by checking. Here to save your time and money by presenting you with free delivery and exceptional prices you wouldn’t find anywhere else. We are the largest online Store selling Islamic products. The most up-to-date and most beautiful clothes for men and women. Everything we need. Experience peace with us. We ship worldwide.

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