Persian Kalamkari (Ghalamkari or Qalamkari) is the art of printing or painting on fabric. Persian Kalamkari is one of Iranian art which is mainly used in tablecloth. At present, Isfahan is the center of Iranian Kalamkari production, which was the capital of Iran during the Safavid period. The main fabrics used to produce Qalamkari Tablecloth are cotton and silk. At the first, designs were painted on the Ghalamkari Tablecloth but later to speed up the production, painted molds were used. One of the designs used in the art of calligraphy is the use of traditional Iranian designs and patterns. If you are interested in traditional Iranian designs for your home decoration, be sure to consider Ghalamkari tablecloth. In shopiPersia, we have collected the most beautiful Iranian Kalamkari tablecloth. Buy Qalamkari Tablecloth with Confidence. We ship worldwide

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