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Qalamkari or kalamkari is one of the ancient arts of Iran that spread from Iran to other countries such as India. Persian Qalamkari is the art of printing or painting on fabric by hand. This art has been a favorite of kings and the rich to use  Kalamkari tablecloths. The main fabrics used in Persian Qalamkari are cotton and silk. The use of Persian designs on Ghalamkari tablecloths is very common. In the world of fashion, today a lot of attention has been drawn to Persian Kalamkari tablecloths. Spreading a unique fabric on a table or sofa can give a special beauty to your decoration. Decorate your home in a new style with Persian Qalamkari tablecloths. These beautiful kalamkari fabrics are also suitable for hanging on the wall. We have a collection of the most beautiful Persian Ghalamkari tablecloths. Experience the joy of online shopping with us. We ship worldwide.

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